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You can find full versions of ABRSM's policies available here for ease of reference.

Late Entry Policy

Our policy relating to late exam entries.

Practical Exam Appointment Guidance

We allocate exam appointments on the basis of providing convenient appointments to as many candidates as possible while scheduling examiners’ time efficiently.

Withdrawals, Non-Attendance and Fee Refund Policy

A candidate who is withdrawn from an exam or who does not attend may be eligible for a partial refund, under certain circumstances.

Graded Music Exams Fee Payment Policy

Our policy relating to payment of exam fees.

Special Consideration Policy

Special consideration is given in line with the circumstances and processes described in this policy to candidates who suffer temporary illness, injury or indisposition, or adverse circumstances at or near the time of the assessment.

Customer Service Statement

This customer service statement provides an overview of our exam services. It sets out our aims, our undertakings to you, the customer, and our performance targets.

Safeguarding Children Policy, Procedures and Code of Practice

Our child protection policy and procedure materials were drawn up specifically for ABRSM with the assistance and advice of the NSPCC and conform to current child protection legislation and guidance.

Modern Slavery Transparency Statement

This statement outlines the protections we have in place to help us identify and mitigate risks of slavery and human trafficking.

ABRSM CME Related Policies and Processes

Details of policies and processes relating to the Certificate for Music Educators qualification.

Complaints Policy

Our Complaints Policy is for anyone buying goods or services from us other than our exams (such as our sheet music and books), anyone using our services who is unhappy with the services provided by our staff in carrying out their duties or anyone who has (or has had) a working relationship with ABRSM who is not (or was not) an employee or consultant, such as an examiner.

Equal Opportunities Statement

ABRSM is committed to providing equality of opportunity and treatment for all.

Website Privacy Policy

ABRSM is fully committed to respecting your privacy and to protecting any personal information you provide to us. We make every effort to ensure that all information that you provide to us is protected.

Cookie Policy

By using our website, you are agreeing to our Cookie Policy and consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms outlined below.

Malpractice and Maladministration Policy

This policy sets out ABRSM’s approach to handling cases of potential malpractice and maladministration in the delivery of our exams.

Endorsement of Third Party Products Policy

This policy details the criteria we use when endorsing third party products.

Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments Policy

This document sets out our policy and the process for requesting access arrangements and reasonable adjustments for our exams and assessments.


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