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Change of appointment request form

Change of appointment request form for practical exams (UK and Ireland, excluding Dublin) If your exam relates to a Visit and/or Special Visit please phone 020 7636 5400 (Mon-Fri 8:30-17:30). If you would like to cancel an exam, please notify us in writing via our Contact Us form

If your practical exam appointment is at one of our public centres, and the exam date is not convenient, please complete the form below. Our teams will check any alternative exam appointments, and you will receive an email response within 3 working days. All responses to this request will be sent to the email address registered to the applicant account.

Please note, that if you have not received an exam date in your preferred week, this is because the centre you originally requested is oversubscribed and/or not open during that time.

I am the applicant

I have permission from the applicant

Please select any alternative exam centres you are able to travel to. To find your nearest centre please click here.

Note that if exam centres are full, they will not be displayed below, and will not be available for change requests.

*one or more of these options must be selected

Note that exams in the final weeks are normally fully subscribed, so alternative dates may be earlier than the date your candidate is currently on. Please tick to confirm you understand.

I understand

Please use the box below to briefly explain your change request. For example “unable to do Tuesday mornings" - 100 character limit.

I understand that unless an alternative exam date is confirmed that the candidate listed above is expected to attend their original exam appointment. Please await a response to this request before submitting a further request via this form or by phone for the same candidate.

I understand

What we do with your information

ABRSM and ABRSM Publishing will use the personal information that you provide in accordance with applicable data protection laws and our privacy policy (see We will process your personal information to carry out our obligations under any contract between you and us, and where otherwise reasonably necessary for our purposes. ABRSM is registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office under registration number Z6618494. ABRSM Publishing is registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office under registration number Z6329415.



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